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Our Commitment to Safety

Superior Industrial Insulation Company focuses on safety throughout each project to minimize the risks of all involved. The result of this philosophy is reflected in our low EMR1.

EMR1 TRIR2 Total Hours Worked
2017 0.47 1.084 184,451
2016 0.47 0.98 203,768
2015 0.48 0.0 167,770
2014 0.55 4.14 193,090
2013 0.57 1.09 183,044
2012 0.57 0.0 151,810
  • 1 EMR: Experience Modification Rate
  • 2 TRIR: Total Recordable Incidence Rate

Superior Industrial Insulation Company's safety program and practices are intended to produce zero incidents, zero recordables and no lost time on every project, regardless of size. These practices are designed to include:

  • Complete commitment to safety from our management team, all the way up to the president.
  • Thorough pre-job and daily pre-task planning.
  • Employee participation.
  • Recognition and rewards for performance.
  • On-going safety training and education, including OSHA 30-hour training for project management team and a minimum of OSHA 10-hour training for all field personnel.
  • Having an OSHA instructor on our staff.
  • Drug and alcohol testing.
  • Accident/incident investigation and reporting.

Superior Industrial Insulation Company is also a certified member of the following: